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Coaches Clipboard

Coaches Clipboard

Coaches are the most essential part of our Youth Sports program. We are pleased to have resources available to help our coaches and assistant coaches succeed.

Win or lose, I pledge before God
to accept and demonstrate the
following positive values:
I will do the best I can
to be a team player, to respect my:
teammates, opponents, coaches and officials,
and to improve myself in
Spirit, Mind and Body.

Interested in becoming a Coach?
As a volunteer at the YMCA, you help shape and support your community and we thank you for your commitment. We value your involvement in the Youth Sports Program and your impact in influencing positive growth and development for young people.

To print out your volunteer application CLICK HERE

Coaches Training
We believe that a youth sports program is only as strong as its coaches and that is why we want you to have all the tools you need for your season. Below you will find manuals that include multiple practice plans including drills. Furthermore, we recommend that you check out the YMCA training website where there are multiple sports-specific trainings available, visit http://training.ymca.net/



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